Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

We are certain you will love our services, but in the event of a cancellation, we have different policies for our Digital Marketing, Website Development, Graphic Designing, and other services. For more details on each policy, refer to your service agreement.You must submit all cancellation requests to 4Themers Co.. Requests can be submitted by email, fax and/or direct mail or phone. Requests will not be valid until you receive a confirmation from us.

Refund Policy

As with our cancellation policy, we have separate policies for each service. Refer to your service agreement for more information.We do not guarantee refunds for service cancellation. We will act on the agreement signed by the client and by 4Themers Co.. We do not offer any refunds for any funds spent for services already delivered or other miscellaneous charges not recoverable by 4Themers Co..


At 4Themers Co., we reserve the right to modify the cancellation and refund policies without any notice.